Work with me

A variety of intolerances has encouraged me to become more experimental in the kitchen and this has developed a real skill in recipe creation. I am inventive and innovative in the recipes I produce, from adapting classic recipes and combinations to fit a purpose to creating new ideas and flavour combinations.

The yummyimmy ethos is to produce produce savoury and sweet recipes that are healthy, nutritious and suitable for people with a variety of dietary requirements. Using common as well as unconventional ingredients and methods I try to be inventive in creating healthy alternatives.

Services I offer:

  • unique recipe creation
  • sponsored instagram posts (can include packages with multiple and story posts)
  • instagram competitions and giveaways
  • sponsored blog posts
  • reviews

All posts and recipes include high resolution photographs.

For further details or for a copy of my Media Kit containing a list of rates please drop me an email: