Banana Bread Blondies 

These Bangin’ Banana Bread Blondies, as well as having alternation my secondary school English teacher would be proud of, really live up to their name. They are product of the utter panic of realising I had 5 brown bananas in the fruit bowl, all in rapid decline, and needing to […]

Mixed Berry Crumpet French Toast

This recipe is perfect for a skillet, it keeps it really moist but with a nice bake. I also love using crumpets instead of regular toast as it is thick, absorbs the egg mixture and bakes well. It is the cinnamon and berries that make this really bomb though!

Breakfast Skillet Cookie

There really can be nothing better than eating a cookie for breakfast. It is like doing everything your parents never let you do unless you were on holiday. It is better than coco pops and saturday morning cartoons. It is an ideal low-carb, high protein, refined sugar free breakfast. Coconut […]

What to do with your overripe fruit

We have all been there – staring at the fruit in your fruit bowl that is quickly getting less appealing as it browns and goes soft, and when you have no desire to eat 4 bananas before they are ready for the compost. Or you spent all your pocket money […]

Blueberry, Grape and Cacao Tartlets

STOP THE PRESS. I’ve got a new combination that rivals the classics. Its baffling as to why it is not already been used more often. Blueberry and grapes are a match made in heaven – apple and cranberry can move right over. I love making these little tarts because they […]

Pumpkin Pie Energy Balls 

As a perpetual snacker, having energy/protein balls on hand in the fridge/my bag/my pocket/ my mouth(?) has become vital. I have made it no secret that I was skeptic about them at first, and they just seemed like another ‘Superfood hype’ that was unnecessary and just a way for bloggers […]

Buffalo Cauliflower Bites

Buffalo wings – in fact, buffalo flavouring entirely – is a very America concept. It is one of the many American sauces/dressings  that is far too adventurous for the lowely English tea-drinker (I’m being factious ofcourse). As with many of these dishes, it’s usually made with a lot of rich […]

Coconut Fish Pie

Imagine the Caribbean crossed with a warm hug… that is what this dish is. It is the ultimate comfort food, but with a twist. Plus, it will not leave you feeling and heavy and lethargic and can be enjoyed all year round.

Lemon and Ginger Loaf

I am totally in love with spring. I forget every year how much I love it. The blossom, the sun and the long evenings have me in a constant good mood and totally inspired. I am very temperature sensitive and therefore I spend most of winter too cold and summer […]

Plum and Cacao tarts 

Spring and Easter seem like the perfect time for fruit tarts. These gems are ideal little treats and are surprisingly refined sugar- free. As much as I enjoy healthy tart bases that are made from ground nuts and dates, they can be deceptive in their macros. Although, they’re made of […]