Anyone who has spent any amount of time on my blog/instagram/life knows I love oats and porridge. I have it most days and I never get bored of the combinations, although I do usually have the same days on end…

These are the perfect, filling, breakfast. I’ve made my oats like this for years and they become so volumous and squidgy I thought I’d share.

I like mine cold through most of the year. I can be known to heat this recipe up in the dire cold month of December, but I mostly enjoy these fresh and cold. This involves making them the night before and refrigerating so that they are cold in the morning. It also makes them really volumous and creamy in texture. I’ve even been known to freeze them in the morning in a desperate attempt when I’ve naively gone to bed thinking I would not want them in the morning.

I add courgette to make mine ‘zoats’, it makes them really volumous and leaves you full and satisfied. It also adds some micros to start your day.

Here is the basic recipe, but I love changing it up and adding different flavours and toppings.

Basic SuperOats Recipe


  • 30 grams Rolled Oats
  • 100 grams Grated Courgette
  • 250 ml Almond Milk (milk, soya milk, coconut milk, or water)
  • 50-100 grams Yogurt (I use dairy-free)


  1. Mix all ingredients except the yogurt. 

  2. Microwave for 4 minutes (checking and stirring occasionally).

  3. Then remove, add yogurt and pour into a mason jar to store in the fridge overnight (alternatively an hour would do).

  4. In the morning top with whatever you fancy and enjoy!

Recipe Notes

I often add 10g protein powder before cooking (my favourite at the moment is Protein Works Chocolate Peanut Cookie Vegan protein). 

Adding 1 tsp cacao powder, or cinnamon powder also adds great flavour. 

Adding chia seeds after cooking also adds lots of nutrients and a great texture. 

Some of my favourite toppings are:

  • cacao nibs 
  • sliced pear
  • frozen berries 
  • chia seeds