French Toast with Strawberry and Coconut Protein Cream

French toast just seems like it cannot possibly be healthy. But all it really is, is egg and bread. If we toast the bread and poached the egg you’d be satisfied with the insta-worthy healthy breakfast, so why not in this form. In fact, lets go one step further, egg […]

July Recommendations

So I feel like the past few months have completely got the better of me, I missed June (where did that even go?) and now we are half way through July and the year is flying by! So here are my recommendations for this month: a book, a restaurant and […]

Chai & Ginger Loaf

I love experimenting with different flavour combinations. You can make cakes that sound impressive/fancy/complicated but are in reality very simple. Cakes such as this Chai and Ginger Loaf allow you to fool people into thinking you know what you’re doing. It also has a really fresh, summery, natural flavour that […]

Oil Training 

Washing your hair less to make it less greasy sounds a little counter intuitive. Right? Wrong. If you’re anything like me you grew up washing your hair almost every time you showered. Often every day or every other day. Washing our hair in a variety of ‘conditioning’, ‘repairing’ and ‘moisturising […]

Peach Millionaire Shortbread Cups 

Millionaire shortbread might be rich and sweet thanks to it’s copious amounts of butter and sugar but I’ve switched them out for some natural sweet and stickiness and I was SUPER happy with the results! These little cups of joy are sweet, sticky and incredibly moreish. This is definitely one […]

Pumpkin-free, Pumpkin Puree

Okay so the name of this post may seem a little oxymoronic – but it makes sense, trust me. You are likely to see an increasing amount of recipes contain ‘pumpkin puree’ and I know for many people this equals an immediate turn off as their supermarket doesn’t stock it […]

Pumpkin Protein Pancakes 

Pancakes, even ones titled ‘protein pancakes’ are often very high in calories, especially when covered in toppings; despite being featured on ‘healthy recipe’ pages. This fluffy stack  is not one of those! The pumpkin and egg whites make them super fluffy and they pack in protein.

Carrot Cake Cupcake

Carrot cake has always been my favourite cake. The classic recipe is full of sugar and is deceptively calorific . These cupcakes are a much healthier version, but still retaining that sweet, rich, spicy flavour of carrot cake.

Mixed Berry Crumpet French Toast

This recipe is perfect for a skillet, it keeps it really moist but with a nice bake. I also love using crumpets instead of regular toast as it is thick, absorbs the egg mixture and bakes well. It is the cinnamon and berries that make this really bomb though!

Strawberry Cheesecake French Toast

French toast stuffed with strawberry Cheesecake could not sound any more decadent. However, this recipe is the perfect example of how a few mindful amendments to a recipe can make it an option that’s better for your belly but still good for your soul. At less than 250kcals but dripping […]