Vegan Banana Bread Blondies

This recipe is dedicated to my good friend EP, who loves cake and banana bread as much as me, and I love her. She’s also a much better person than I am and manages to be vegan. But sadly saving the planet  can make banana bread eating a little problematic. So […]

August recommendations

I had plans for the August recommendations post to be full of summer vibes and summer products, but lets face it, August has been anything but summer. Nonetheless, I have come across some new products I think you’ll enjoy, and decided to recommend a couple of old favorites. You’ve got […]

Coconut and Cacao Brownie

Yes this is another brownie recipe from me! I make so many brownies for myself that I enjoy changing up the flavour combinations. Coconut is my current flavour obsession and these coconut brownies are super gooey and taste unreal! Coconut Cacao Brownies 330 grams Pumpkin Puree* (or butternut squash puree*) […]

Nut-free Banana Bread Blondies

This a nut free version of one of my favourite recipes, which is perfect for kids or people with allergies. I must admit, I actually might prefer them, as the tahini adds a nice salty element to the sweet. Nut-free Banana Bread Blondies 200 g banana mashed 100 g apple […]

Banana Nice cream (3 Flavours)

Dairy-free, sugar-free icecream just never sounds fun. But for someone who feels sick after a bowl of icecream, it is good to find an alternative. Nice cream has become less of a substitute and more of a creation in its own right. It’s easier to make than ice cream and […]

10 Tips for eating healthy on a budget

Ever felt like you can’t eat healthy because it’s too expensive? Instagrammers promoting wellness, organic ingredients and £100 gym leggings can be unrelatable and seem unobtainable. I read a recipe today for a ‘healthy chocolate fondant’ the ingredients included: Himalayan salt, mesquite powder and vanilla bean powder. It’s no wonder […]

Banana and Blueberry Breakfast Muffins

This is a recipe I created for my mum, (hi mum) who hates breakfast. These muffins are something she can grab and enjoy with no hassle, and for someone who finds breakfast hard to stomach they are easy to eat and tasty enough to even look forward to!     […]

Coconut and Cacao Truffles 

A truffle that is refined sugar free and only 35 calories… not possible I hear you say? Well I defy to prove you wrong! They’ve got a hard chocolatey outer shell and soft rich centre and they are so GOD DAMN MOREISH. It’s the coconut … I can’t get enough […]

Processed foods – are you bantering me?

Processed foods are ‘bad’ and fresh home-cooked foods are ‘good’ – seems like an obvious statement right. Referring to processed foods as bad is like saying ‘vegetables are green’ it is such a wide and sweeping statement that it has no fathomable way of being correct. Cooking is a process, […]

Butternut Squash, Sweetcorn and Spring Onion Fritters 

Butternut squash is such a sweet and versatile vegetable. It is also a lower carb substitute for potato varieties (if that’s what you’re into) whilst still providing some substance. For this recipe you could easily use any type of squash, but most people find butternut squash the easiest to source. […]