Oil Training 

Washing your hair less to make it less greasy sounds a little counter intuitive. Right? Wrong.

If you’re anything like me you grew up washing your hair almost every time you showered. Often every day or every other day.
Washing our hair in a variety of ‘conditioning’, ‘repairing’ and ‘moisturising shampoos and conditioners. With little to no understanding of the vicious cycle this was creating.

Each wash strips your hair of the natural oils and leaves a dry scalp, which then has to rapidly and continuously reproduce natural oils, thereby making the hair greasier and – you guessed it – causing you to wash more frequently. And so the cycle continues.

Overwashing our hair also causes split ends to occur more easily, as it does not give enough time for the natural oils to replenish which leaves hair dry and brittle.

Oil or grease training is the method of restoring your hair’s natural balance of maintaining its oils and cleanliness. Our bodies are actually pretty good and self regulating and they don’t necessarily need to extensive treatments which we provide them with, that often confuse the natural balances.

The process of oil training involves letting your hair get greasy and reducing the amount you wash it. For example, working towards every few days or once a week. You’ve got to grin and bear for a little while, and resist the urge to wash your ‘greasy hair’. You still shower (obviously) but avoid getting your hair wet or washing it.

How long it will take varies depending on the individual – from a few weeks to a couple of months – but you start to see the benefits gradually as your hair builds up tolerance.

I started in mid January 2017, and by March I was seeing noticeable differences. My hair got (and gets) greasy far less quickly, and looks less dirty/thin/heavy when it does become a little greasy, thereby making it less noticeable, if at all.

Washing my hair becomes a treat, I plan it around social occasions, and I don’t worry when I go a week without doing it. It doesn’t feel dirty.

You’re giving your hair the chance to look after itself, which it does really well. My hair now doesn’t look greasy until around 4 days after I wash it – rather than the next day as it did before.

Other benefits are that I have seen a noticeable difference in the condition of my hair. It looks healthier, it has got thicker and stronger. By not subjecting my hair to the process of washing it, stripping it and blow drying it – all of which strain and damage your hair in various ways – I allowed my hair to repair itself and given it time to grow. All that hair that clogs up in your shower drain – yeah, that stays on your head.

Exercise and Oil Training

One thing people often question is, how can you exercise or workout regularly and not wash your hair.

  • Firstly, my hair doesn’t get that sweaty – tie it up in a pony tail and as your scalp does not sweat, you will generally be okay.
  • Secondly, wash your body as normal and you’ll feel clean. No need to worry about your hair.


  • If your hair feels dirty, or smells dirty – wash it. You’re not going to ruin the whole process if you wash it a day early. Sometimes my hair looks great after 5 days and others I just have to clean it after 2 – you’ve got to go with the flow. But if you can pop into a messy up-do, then rock it!
  • Learn to love dry shampoo – I tend to save it until day 3/4 so it doesn’t build up in my hair – but it works miracles.
  • Indulge the wash day. Wash day becomes a treat not a chore. Learn to time it with your social occasions and feel the full shiny, volume of your healthier hair.
  • Be that girl who blow dries the sweat into her hair in the gym changing room – look around – you won’t be the only one.

Enjoy saving money on hair products and water and not blow drying four times a week.