Meal prep part 3 – Moroccan Butterbean Tagine

If you’re looking for a winter warmer for your lunches then this recipe is for you and it couldn’t be easier. Using simple, nutritious, whole foods and some basic herbs and spices you can make a satisfying, tasty meal without the need for any fancy ingredients. 500 g butternut squash […]

Chicken Mole 

I love dinner parties and having big family meals. The best way to eat family style is with something that everyone can tuck into and that doesn’t require a lot of time away from the party and in the kitchen. This chicken mole just needs everything thrown in the slow […]

Butternut Squash, Sweetcorn and Spring Onion Fritters 

Butternut squash is such a sweet and versatile vegetable. It is also a lower carb substitute for potato varieties (if that’s what you’re into) whilst still providing some substance. For this recipe you could easily use any type of squash, but most people find butternut squash the easiest to source. […]

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