Amsterdam Weeks 5-8

Weeks 5-8 The second four weeks flew by (so fast in fact, I missed this blog post whoops). They’ve been busy, full of working, holidays, socialising and trying to fit in some running. I have been figuring out how to fit training around my schedule, and not letting it dictate […]

Amsterdam 2018: Weeks 1 – 4

Hello! You find me in Week 5 of #missionmarathon #projectamsterdam #AM2018 (… I am not sure what the cool hash tags are anymore) and so far so good. The first 4 weeks have been about getting my plan started and finding my feet. Weeks 1-4 Training I have used these […]

Amsterdam Marathon 2018

The title of this post probably gives you a clue – in the elated aftermath of the Hackney half, I finally signed up for my first marathon. Running and racing are part of that weird sub-set of events, like giving birth, or serious injuries, where your body completely forgets the […]

3 Healthy Tips

We are almost waving goodbye to the first month of 2018 (what?!) and that means ‘dry Jan’ is ending and New Years’ resolutions are wearing thin. So here are three tips to enter February with the same intentions you felt in January. 1. Daily grind Don’t scrap your snacks – […]

August recommendations

I had plans for the August recommendations post to be full of summer vibes and summer products, but lets face it, August has been anything but summer. Nonetheless, I have come across some new products I think you’ll enjoy, and decided to recommend a couple of old favorites. You’ve got […]

10 Tips for eating healthy on a budget

Ever felt like you can’t eat healthy because it’s too expensive? Instagrammers promoting wellness, organic ingredients and £100 gym leggings can be unrelatable and seem unobtainable. I read a recipe today for a ‘healthy chocolate fondant’ the ingredients included: Himalayan salt, mesquite powder and vanilla bean powder. It’s no wonder […]

Processed foods – are you bantering me?

Processed foods are ‘bad’ and fresh home-cooked foods are ‘good’ – seems like an obvious statement right. Referring to processed foods as bad is like saying ‘vegetables are green’ it is such a wide and sweeping statement that it has no fathomable way of being correct. Cooking is a process, […]

What to do with your overripe fruit

We have all been there – staring at the fruit in your fruit bowl that is quickly getting less appealing as it browns and goes soft, and when you have no desire to eat 4 bananas before they are ready for the compost. Or you spent all your pocket money […]