April Recommendations 

So March is over (I know, what?) so here are my recommendations for April.

Eat Kaizen

EK is a new opening this year in the centre of Altrincham. Its opening really helps towards Altrincham’s re-branding as a home of good eateries. I was surprised at how quickly it has established a reputation and clientele, with its shop always a hive of customers through out the day – despite constant road works outside their front and decreased foot traffic. I think it is a credit to the good branding and impressive results.

Eat Kaizen brand themselves as a health and protein kitchen and they really do not disappoint. The menu subtly displays the macros for anyone who is interested, without being intimidating for those who are not. It is easy to choose a meal to fit your needs and diet and the facts/figures are reassuring of the genuine nutrition of their produce. ‘Healthy’ restaurants/cafes often use nutritious ingredients but the heavy use of particular ingredients can mean they’re deceptively heavy in calories/fats which can be off putting for anyone on a particular diet. This is not the case here, where the use of simple, clean, ingredients makes for a lovely and uncomplicated menu.
Additionally, there is no compromise on taste nor variety in EK. The menu is extensive and caters for a variety of tastes and diets. It would be difficult to envisage someone not finding something they wanted, and even children are happily catered for. The menu provides options for pick and mix dishes and variation, making it suitable for everyone.

My meal – the Superfood Salad with Tofu was genuinely delicious. The portion was delightfully substantial and filling and the ingredients were fresh and well presented. As someone who always advocates never getting the same meal on a repeat trip to a restaurant (got to try new things and all) I would one hundred percent re-order this meal and would find it difficult to waiver.

We also had the prawn stir-fry with oomf protein noodles and that was similarly, tasty and beautifully seasoned. The sauce on this was a particular highlight and was incredibly flavoursome.
Lastly, as they provide a takeaway and deliveroo service, EK are seriously bringing healthy convenience food to Altrincham and it’s a sight for sore eyes.

Definitely check this place out if you’re in the area. If you’re not – it’s worth the met ride.

Two Chicks Egg Whites

As it is egg white day (3 April) it seems apt to mention Two Chicks in my April favourites. ‘Favourites’ is somewhat of an understatement when it comes to their products, as I use them every day.

It is such a simple concept selling egg whites, but it was definitely lacking in the market. There is nothing like the guilt of throwing away your yolks and the hassle of the process is off putting. With the ease of Two chicks cartons I can’t stop using egg whites in every recipe. The convenience of these cartons is fantastic.

Egg whites are a fantastic, natural, source of protein, and as someone who has been consciously reducing the amount of meat I eat (to less than once a week now), I have found the addition of egg whites to a variety of meals and baked goods, a real benefit.

I love adding these egg whites to proats, baked oats, frittatas, tuna burgers, courgette fritters, cookies – they’re so useful and have become a permanent staple in my fridge!

Protein Works Vegan Protein 

After realising I cannot digest lactose, I have had to stop using whey protein and have been trialling a variety of vegan proteins (there is a full post on this to come!), and I wanted to mention PW’s vegan protein briefly as my favourite so far!

Protein Works offer a variety of vegan proteins: brown rice, pea, soy, hemp and blends. It’s refreshing to have such an extensive range to choose from and particularly at a good price. Furthermore, their website is really informative to help you choose the one best suited to you and understand particular ingredients and benefits.

For me, taste plays a huge factor in the protein powder I use and their Chocolate Peanut flavour is the bomb. Honestly cannot stop talking about it enough and I’ve recommended it to everyone. It tastes like a Reeses’ milkshake. I use it oats, baking, shakes – whenever I can.

It also, importantly, is very reasonably priced. I’m astonished at the cost of some protein powders – however, their range is £9-20 for a bag and often has great offers on. I was surprised at the quality of the product for this price but I can really advocate that you get more for you money than any other brand I have tried.

My full review will be in my post to come on vegan proteins, but this is my top recommendation!

Joseph Joseph Nest Steaming Pod Set

I was gifted this steamer set for my birthday and they are so useful! I previously used the sieve and pan method of steaming, which usually resulted in soggy kale.

However, these little things have all the benefits of a steamer but can be used in any pan, on any hob and nicely stack away. The fact there are three of them means you can steam a few different ingredients at once and a healthy dinner can be ready in 10 minutes, they’re a life saver for busy days, meal prep or lazy evenings.

I find myself using them every day and can avoid the lengthy process of roasting veg, or removing all the taste and nutrients through boiling. They are the easiest things to use, clean and store and as they are relatively cheap, they are a must have for any kitchen!

Here is a link if you want to know where to order them Joseph Joseph Nest Steaming Pod Set – or you can get them at most John Lewis stores.