About Me

Hello! I’m Immy

I am a 23 year old law graduate, living and working in London and training to be a solicitor.

In my last year at university I began creating healthy recipes alongside discovering I was intolerant to gluten (and later dairy).Learning to love a healthy diet and conscious decisions to avoid foods which upset my intolerances has solved years of undiagnosed symptoms and said goodbye to the freshers fifteen.

Somewhere along the line YummyImmy was born.

YummyImmy is a food blog specialising in delicious and healthy recipes. My recipes are gluten, dairy and refined sugar free, because these are the diet choices I find most helpful to my digestive issues. I try to give options in my recipes to suit other dietary needs as I do not advocate cutting out foods without reason. All my recipes aim to be balanced and nutritious. I want to make recipes that taste good and make you feel good.Rather than just trying to replace treats with healthy foods, I try and make snacks, sweets and meals that taste indulgent but can be enjoyed all day, every day. I have found a way to eat what I want and what I love, by baking it myself with a few clever alterations, that mean I can still look after myself.

Being conscious of my diet has lead me to be the  happiest and healthiest I have ever been. Once I began to notice the changes in my energy, skin and general appearance, being eating healthy became addictive. I also (eventually) fell in love with running, and it is my favourite way to improve my headspace and have time to myself. I find that reducing my intake of refined sugar and processed foods, and replacing it with natural, whole foods, improves the way I feel every day.

have always had an innate love (obsession) with learning, and this has lead me to learn a lot about food, cooking and ingredients, in regards their nutrition, use and effect. I try to incorporate this into my recipes and share some of the things I have learnt.