3 Healthy Tips

We are almost waving goodbye to the first month of 2018 (what?!) and that means ‘dry Jan’ is ending and New Years’ resolutions are wearing thin. So here are three tips to enter February with the same intentions you felt in January.

1. Daily grind

Don’t scrap your snacks – swap your them:

  • crisps > pea snacks or rice snacks (e.g. Yushoi or Velvet Crunch)
  • chocolate > cocoa flavoured nakd bar (or make my ultimate brownies)
  • juice > sugar-free cordial and water
  • ice cream > plant-based yogurt mixed with protein powder


2. Every week

Make ahead big, batches of healthy lunches that will last for all/half your week. Bringing your own healthy lunch gives you control over what you are having, allowing you to make sure it fits your goal. It is always cheaper than purchasing lunch daily and likely to be healthier.

Making a big, batch at the weekend and then keeping it in the freezer or fridge (depending on the meal) for the week, allows you to be prepared and means that making your own lunch is not that burdensome. Check out my Meal Prep Series of recipes posted on my page (search ‘Meal Prep’).


3. For the year

Change your route to/from work to include more walking. Swap part of the journey for a walk; get off transport a stop earlier; or park you car further away and incorporate an element of walking into the commute. Even as little as an extra 15 minutes at the start and the end of the day can make a big difference. That is 117 hours a year – 2.5 hours a week, without even trying.

As well as the benefits of exercise, walking is proved to improve your mood and mental well being. Small, simple changes like this can make a big improvements.