My Ultimate Brownie Recipe

Anyone who has spent any time on my page or instagram … or life – knows I am unequivocally obsessed with my brownie recipes. I love adding in lots of different flavours and created variations, but still nothing beats my standard brownie recipe. There is nothing not to love about […]

Motivation Mythology

With the new year coming up and social media, advertising and your mums best friend, all obsessing over ‘getting fit’ and ‘burning off Christmas’ I wanted to cut through some of the shit about motivation.  It’s easy as someone who is not in a consistent exercise routine, is over weight, […]

Banoffee Pie

My housemate challenged me to make a healthy banoffee pie. A task that sounds easy, because like carrot cake, banana bread and apple tart, banoffee pie sounds like it should be healthy. It contains fruit right? Lets not mention to the cream, sugar, caramel, biscuits….  I also wanted it to […]

LactoJoy Review & bonus Banoffee Mini Cheesecake recipe

These little cheesecakes are legen-DAIRY. They’re little bundles of light, cheesy joy.  It’s been a while since I’ve posted a mini cheesecake recipe, because lactose and me just do not agree. I want to pretend I don’t give Edam… But I miss cheese.  I love cheese. I love cheesecake. I […]

Marathon Training Weeks 8-16

You find me one week out from my first marathon. The hard part is done.  (Or so I keep telling myself). I have that interesting cocktail of excitement and nerves. I am excited to get to a new country, and explore with the team, but there is also that little […]

Amsterdam Weeks 5-8

Weeks 5-8 The second four weeks flew by (so fast in fact, I missed this blog post whoops). They’ve been busy, full of working, holidays, socialising and trying to fit in some running. I have been figuring out how to fit training around my schedule, and not letting it dictate […]

Pineapple Banana Bread

All the heatwave feels in this Pineapple Banana Bread. It is all your favourite smoothie (or cocktail) flavours in a cake. What more could you want? Pineapple and Banana Bread 270 g banana ((approx 3)) 2 eggs 80 g yogurt ((dairy-free if required)) 60 g oats 60 g rice or […]

Peach and Apple Loaf

I like to make this recipe as a loaf – it can also be made as a cake, by using a cake tin and baking for 30 mins. By doubling the mixture and pouring into two cake tins you can make a sandwich cake, and I would recommend a peach […]

Amsterdam 2018: Weeks 1 – 4

Hello! You find me in Week 5 of #missionmarathon #projectamsterdam #AM2018 (… I am not sure what the cool hash tags are anymore) and so far so good. The first 4 weeks have been about getting my plan started and finding my feet. Weeks 1-4 Training I have used these […]

Amsterdam Marathon 2018

The title of this post probably gives you a clue – in the elated aftermath of the Hackney half, I finally signed up for my first marathon. Running and racing are part of that weird sub-set of events, like giving birth, or serious injuries, where your body completely forgets the […]

Berry Banana Bread using Schar Universal Mix

I was recently sent Schar’s Gluten Free Universal Baking Mix to try. Any follower of my blog knows I love Banana Bread, and have a few many different variations of my recipe. Therefore, I thought of no better way to test it out than by adapting one of my long time favourite […]